Tournament of Sidekicks, The Flintstones, The Emperor's New Cars

Leash up your mastodon, we're headed back to Bedrock with the Flintstones. We'll also shop for questionably invisible autos at the Emperor's New Cars, go out to play with Georgie Porgie, and go "Walking to Grandma's" on Rapunzel's Jukebox.
The Tournnament of Disney Sidekicks gets underway with the announcement of the field. Plus:
* It's back to Bedrock with the Flintstones, including a reference to the Grand Poobah.
* In the news, Rip Van Winkle gets the nod as new host of the Late Late Show.
* The Emperor takes his clothing technology to the assembly line on the Emperor's New Cars (starring Clark Ramsey)
* Georgie Porgie gets another look, including some speculation about pudding and pie.
* Andrew Mitchell is back with one of his best vocal performances ever on Rapunzel's Jukebox, turning "Walking in Memphis" into " Walking to Grandma's" with Little Red Riding Hood.

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