“A laughter riot.” “Incredibly witty.” Relive the stories of your childhood in gut-busting fashion with princesses, genies, trolls, … and Oprah?

Topher Goggin's hilarious Not Your Mother's Goose book is now a side-splitting podcast. Written and hosted by the author, Not Your Mother's Goose combines snarky recaps of all the stories of your childhood, from Little Red Riding Hood to the Lion King, with laugh-out-loud "news" stories and sponsors featuring your favorite fairy tale characters. Where else would Old McDonald Struggle on 'Wheel of Fortune' after only buying vowels?

Other fun you'll find on Not Your Mother's Goose:

* Gut-busting parody songs on Rapunzel's Jukebox - including hit tunes from "Simple Simon and Garfunkelstiltskin".

* Movie Before-and-Afters, from "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast" to "The Empire Strikes Back to the Future"

* The Tournament of Disney Villains, as we crown the Baddest of All-Time (Episodes 18-22).

For more info, check out notyourmothersgoose.com!

For more on Topher Goggin, visit tophergoggin.com!

To order the original book, click here!

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