Tournament of Rides, A Christmas Carol, Finding Captain Nemo

The Tournament of Disney Rides presented by World of Walt debuts, Scrooge picks the wrong Sleep Number and has a rough night in a Christmas Carol, and learn how to trust your fairy tale investments to the folks at Gold-In-Sacks.
We introduce the 40-attraction field in our new Tournament of Disney Rides presented by World of Walt, and kick off voting in the Magic Kingdom Bracket. Plus:
* Just in time for the Holidays, we'll see how Scrooge McGoose is coping with his visit from Marley.
* In the news, Georgie Porgie guests on "Days of Our Lives," and Bugs Bunny launches his telemedicine service, "What's Up Doc?"
* Why hire Goldman Sachs when you can get investment help from the fairy tale experts, Gold-In-Sacks?
* We'll head to the theater for another movie before-and-after, "Finding Captain Nemo."

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