The Price Is Right, Old King Cole, Three Blind Mice, and American Pie

Not Your Mother's Goose wraps up with a mammoth finale, featuring everything from The Price Is Right to Three Blind Mice, and our most ambitious Rapunzel's Jukebox song ever, American Pie. Don't miss your last chance to:

* Come on down with Bob Barker, as we take a snow day from school and watch The Price Is Right
* Clean up the leftover nursery rhymes, like Three Blind Mice and Old King Cole
* Head to the before-and-after movies to watch The Gingerbread Man-in-Black
* Check out the news, where Oscar the Grouch goes green and moves into a recycling bin
* Schedule a consult with Dr. Rick from Progressive, here to help fairy tale characters who are becoming their parents.

Plus, Andrew Mitchell has officially outdone himself on Rapunzel's Jukebox, back with full fairy tale version of American Pie that you can't miss.

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