The Grinch, Dance Crazes, and Disney Dining Tourney Kickoff

Just in time for Christmas, we'll hang out with the Grinch, revisit what not to do if you are an old lady who swallows a fly, and practice saying "You're Welcome" with Maui's new manners course. Plus the Tournament of Disney Dining kicks off with the announcement of the full field.
We're back with our final show of 2022, jam packed with all kinds of fun.
* We'll head to Whoville to check in on the Grinch
* In the news, Santa gets stuck in Mario's chimney after a poor decision to eat a mushroom
* Teach kids to say "You're Welcome" in all circumstances with the new Maui on Manners program
* Gastroenterology meets Bug Zappers in "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"
* We'll announce the field and kick off our Tournament of Disney Dining. Did you favorite restaurant make it in?

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