TaleSpin, Superman, and True Crime: Not Your Mother's Goons

The Disney Afternoon concludes as someone decides to give Baloo an airplane, then we try some safer flying with Superman. We debut our True Crime segment - Not Your Mother's Goons - with the Gingerbread Man, and the Great Pumpkin gets busted bulking up with PEDs in the news.
Our three week series on the Disney Afternoon wraps up with TaleSpin - listen now and you won't have to start your homework until after dinner. PLUS:
- The debut of "Not Your Mother's Goons" - our new True Crime series - as we dive deep into the Gingerbread Man
- We check in on the other fairy tale characters named Mary, and Mary Mary Quite Contrary plugs her new lawn care business in an ad.
- In the news, the Great Pumpkin gets busted bulking up with PEDs, and the family of a concussed monkey sues Serta after a bed-jumping incident.

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