Super Mario Brothers, Encyclopedia Brown, Magic School Bus

It's time to save the Princess with Mario, take a ride on the Magic School Bus, and turn to page 76 to see if we've solved Encyclopedia Brown's latest mystery. Plus, Rapunzel's Jukebox returns with Andrew Mitchell's biggest parody production yet, Gals in High Places.
It's time to save the Princess with Mario - well, it will be as soon as we take the cartridge out of the Nintendo, blow on it, and put it back in and try again. Go chase down Bowser, and follow it up with:
* A ride on the Magic School Bus
* An Encylopedia Brown Mystery
* In the news: The Tortoise announces his title defense against a sloth in the "Trudge Through the Sludge"
* Pride Rock has a hot new reality show to pick a king, it's goodbye Star Search, hello Scar Search
Rapunzel's Jukebox tackles Garth Brooks with a live-version parody
* We'll announce the four #1 seeds in our upcoming Tournament of Disney Dining

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