Sidekicks Finale, Captain Kangaroo, Hush Little Baby

We crown a winner in the Tournament of Disney Sidekicks, say Good Morning to Captain Kangaroo, and get some terrible parenting tips from the writers of "Hush, Little Baby." Andrew Mitchell returns to cap off the summer on Rapunzel's Jukebox, turning Margaritaville into Wonderland.
It's Genie vs. Olaf, as we crown a champ in the Tournament of Disney Sidekicks. Tune in to meet the winner, then stay to:
* Spend your morning with Captain Kangaroo, which seems to be what you'd get if you visited your grandpa (who happened be a circus ringmaster with some odd neighbors).
* Get some horrible parenting ideas from the writers of Hush, Little Baby
* Head to the theater to see our latest mashup, the Book of Dumboba Fett
* Check the news, including Mary Poppins and Aladdin collaborating on a flying carpet bag
* Drop a quarter in Rapunzel's Jukebox, home of an all-Wonderland version of Margaritaville.

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