Sesame Street, Home on the Range, and ... Tecmo Bowl (Why Not?)

There's something for everyone here, as we'll remember how to get to Sesame Street, then see if Forgetful Jones can help us go Home on the Range, watch The Princess and the Pea-ter Pan, and finish up by playing Tecmo Bowl with Bo Jackson. The true NYMG variety pack!
From the Old West to the AFC West, this episode has a little of everything. Along the way we'll:
* Finish up our PBS afternoon with a visit to Sesame Street.
* Take "Songs Written By Otolaryngologists For 200, Ken" - checking out Home on the Range
* Block a field goal or two with Lawrence Taylor on Tecmo Bowl
* In the news, Disney can't figure why sales are struggling at the apple stand near the Snow White ride
* Just in time for Halloween, the Headless Horseman has opened one of those pop-up costume shops

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