Rescue Rangers, The Three Stooges, "Hey, Mary's Lamb"

We continue the Disney Afternoon on Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers, pedal to a proposal with "Daisy, Daisy," and fire up Rapunzel's Jukebox with a hit from The Hollies. Plus, in the news, Pac-Man: The Musical bombs when the cast gets distracted trying to gobble up spilled popcorn in the audience.
The Goose is Loose again, as we continue our trip through the Disney Afternoon with Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. Plus:
* In the news, Pac-Man: The Musical struggles, and Dr. Seuss sets a new email record after hiring Spam-I-Am.
* That dude in Daisy, Daisy/A Bicycle Built For Two serves up the worst marriage proposal ever.
* A new segment - Newtonian Fairy Tales
* If you need humor, but booger jokes are touch too sophisticated, our review of the Three Stooges will be right up your alley.
* Rapunzel's Jukebox tackles The Hollies, as "Hey, Carrie Anne" turns into "Hey, Mary's Lamb."

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