More Sesame Street, Alice's Restaurant in Wonderland, iStone from Hansel

We return to Sesame Street to live-tweet an episode (which turns out to be an important one), get ready for Thanksgiving at Alice's Restaurant in Wonderland, plus learn how to nominate your favorites for our Tournament of Disney Dining.
Not Your Mother's Goose returns to Sesame Street, as we find a random episode online and live tweet it (only to have it turn out to be the show with the big Snuffy reveal!) Also:
* Just in time for Thanksgiving, we'll visit Alice's Restaurant in Wonderland.
* In the news: We're off to see the Wizard, but slowly, due to construction on the Yellow Brick Road. Plus Rumpelstiltskin fills in with Penn and Teller.
* Sponsor: The iStone by Hansel - mobile technology to help avoid getting ditched in the woods by your parents.

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