Gilligan's Island, The Hokey Pokey, Phantom Menace of the Opera

It's a potpourri of funny stuff, as we head to Gilligan's Island, learn more than you want to know about fairy tale pies, and try a Broadway-based Before and After as Star Wars gets its own musical - the Phantom Menace of the Opera. We'll also tackle the Hokey Pokey, and check the news, where Rapuzel gets busted as a fraud ... by the folks from Mathnet.
It's a true potpourri show, with a little of everything. Such as:
- Gilligan's Island
- The Hokey Pokey (including its, uh, interesting names in other countries)
- Everything you wanted to know about pie (ask LIttle Jack Horner)
- Broadway Before-and-After with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace of the Opera
- A Fairy Tale Typo worthy of an immature 8th grader
- Breaking News, including Old McDonald dominating FarmVille

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