Ads Bonanza II

Just like watching cable TV, it's "All Ads, All The Time" — as we revisit all of favorite made-up sponsors. From Bitecoin to H&R Croc, they're all here, plus behind the scenes stories of their creation and more.
It's every fake ad we've done (since the last time we did a show like this), complete with the background stories of how the ideas started and how they got recorded. Here are just a few of the favorites you can hear again for the first time:

·      Bitecoin – the Big Bad Wolf’s Cryptocurrency
·      Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes – Rapunzel’s Dandruff Shampoo that prevents flakes right down to your ankles
·      H&R Croc – Captain Hook’s Tax Prep Folks
·      Eeyore: The Musical – Including the showstopping hit, “I Think It’s a Bunion”

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